“Perry Mason” The Case of the Blushing Pearls S03E04

Hudson Nichols has Mitsou Kamuri arrested for switching his wife Thelma's string of expensive blush pearls, but offers to absolve her if she breaks off her relationship with his son Grove. Her uncle who made the fake pearls is murdered.

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actors: Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, Ray Collins, Nobu McCarthy, Christine White, Benson Fong, George Takei, Steven Terrell, Angela Greene, Ralph Dumke, John Gallaudet, Joe Di Reda, Rollin Moriyama, John Barclay, Bill Walker, Leah Waggner, Thomas Wilde, Jack Carol, Martha Wentworth, Sam Harris, Flower Parry
Director: Richard Whorf

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